Outside Director

As your company’s direction and retail objectives change, knowledge of alternatives and options become more important. For years the position of Outside Director has provided other industries with the advantage of counsel and advice based upon experience and specialized knowledge of the market place. Mars Global will provide such a service for your organization.

Strategic decisions, operational changes, site selections, building design, or retail evaluation can be addressed and managed through the position of Outside Director.  Thirty five years of c-store and retail operations experience is provided to assist you in developing and fine tuning a chain of retail stores. Business plans, operational action steps, and yearlong assistance with specialized work plans are available by using this service.

The scope of work would include four quarterly workweeks dedicated to a specific action plan, and project specific goals. Quarterly reporting and assessment reviews will be delivered to the principals or officers of the company quarterly.  Retail, accounting, personnel, merchandising, purchasing, and sales analysis would be reviewed each quarter, along with special targeted operational, sales, or profit issues. Contact Mars Global to find out more about these services.

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After spending 31 years in the Petroleum Marketing, I know the importance of training, specifically C-store training.  As a former instructor, I traveled and trained management and employees throughout the US, Canada, and South America.  Creative programs designed to motivate employees and focus performance on key profit centers will make you money.

Your needs are specific in this category and the message should be tailored to secure specific objectives.  Mars Global can customize your training, train your instructors or deliver the  programs.

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Supplier Support

The road to better profits begins with the lowest wholesale price.  Knowing what suppliers have to offer and requiring available support will place you in a better competitive position on the street.  We will provide a complete evaluation of your present supplier relationship.  This study includes: supplier contracts, discounts and rebate programs, available free goods and advertising.

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Merchandising Evaluation

Knowing what to sell, where to place it and how much to charge is extremely important given your available space.  We will survey your trade area to determine pricing strategies, research marketing opportunities and recommend specific products for each store.  We can provide interior layouts and current plan-o-grams to guide and assist you in securing additional sales and profit.  Specific merchandising training, complete with optional incentive plans, are now available.  Our recommendations can transform your interior sales area into a dynamic, well coordinated stage where customer's needs match opportunity.

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Profit Management

Management of profit has several faces but none more distasteful than SHRINK.  We will assess your security procedures, spot sensitive areas and develop specific systems to drive down shortages.  Client specific policies and training are part of our systematic approach to improve your profit margin.  Category management systems will track c-store profits to the bottom line and focus attention on key areas of profit opportunity.

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Would you like to have the profit of a new location without building one? 

Buying products and services properly could produce the same net gain without the pain. Thirty years of negotiating and a proven track record could help you secure a better deal from your suppliers. We will review your contracts, meet with your suppliers and negotiate a plan that is beneficial to your company without compromising your standards. A diverse and comprehensive knowledge of the industry has given us the distinct advantage when dealing with local and regional vendors. We will work with your team to establish objectives by product line and then include them in the negotiation sessions as participants. This training is a residual benefit, which remains within your organization and continues to return dividends.

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